The skill of champagne production is in the blending of different still wines. This happens after the initial fermentation to create an exquisite blend during subsequent fermentation in the bottle.

Our champagnes are produced only by award winning growers who oversee the full production process from vine to blend to bottle. They keep back the best wine from each year’s harvest, sometimes using many years worth of reserve wines to create their own unique and exceptional blended champagnes.

Lamoureux Brut Reserve Half Bottle

Lamoureux Brut Reserve Half Bottle


One of our best selling champagnes and top award-winners, showing the very best of Les Riceys' terroir. A 100% Pinot Noir champagne, the speciality of this area, it is fresh, fruity, mellow and great for entertaining guests. Flavours of red and black berries comes through, with a great length and body. On the finish, notes of dried apricots and honey. This champagne has just picked up another Gold medal in the Concours Général Agricole 2013. Great as an aperitif or with darker meats.